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Premier Colorado Hunting

   Welcome to Snake River Outfitters (SRO), home to First Class Hunts on First Class Ranches.  We are located northwest of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and are proud to provide only the finest hunting ranches that this area has to offer.

   All of the ranches within our organization have met a certain criteria, and are enrolled in the RFW program.  This program provides special advantages to us as wildlife managers and to you as guests.

1.  Guaranteed licenses for all species///There are no deadline or applications necessary here.

2.  Choice of weapons///Simply, we are allowed to use any legal weapon at any time during the hunt.

3.  Ability to set season dates///we set our own season dates, and are not tied to the general season   structures.

This means to you the hunter, access during the September elk rut or the October/November migration hunt.  If your dream is to harvest a mule deer during the November rut or a unique velvet buck in late August we have the ability to accommodate those dreams.  If you wish to harvest an elk/deer or antelope or all three at once we have the ability to provide that opportunity through the RFW program.

 We only accept ranches that can provide you "the client", with a private, first class, fair chase, enjoyable hunting experience. While harvest is imperative, we feel that the quality and experience on a hunt should also be of great importance.

   Our ranches consist of approximately 107,000 deeded acres with complete control of these borders we can insure no outside interference, thus allowing our clientele an enjoyable, relaxing outdoor experience.

Our operation consists of three separate camps:




We offer hunts for elk, mule deer and antelope at all camps.  This gives you the opportunity to harvest two or three animals on any hunt.

 Due to our commitment to wildlife management and the fact that these ranches lie in the heart of the world's largest wildlife herd the number of animals within these borders is amazing.  It is not uncommon to see hundreds of elk, deer or antelope in a day.

Our bugle hunts are truly a special experience and the herds of elk in the October/November time frames can reach thousands.  Again, it is normally not a question of harvest, but more of what time frame and hunting style meets your needs.

We believe that we have some of the finest mule deer hunting in the nation.  Please see side bar for more information and pictures of this exceptional deer hunting opportunity.  For a sneak preview we  will tell you that we harvest only mature Mule Deer and for many years our ranches have produced some of the largest bucks taken in Northwest Colorado

Over the past 20 years SRO has achieved a remarkable harvest percentage of 94.8% on all species combined with many years of 100% harvest rate.  If what you are looking for is a fair chase hunt where game is plentiful, the hunt is relaxing and you are almost assured of harvesting the species of your choice, then these ranches are for you.

All game care in the field will be provided by Snake River Outfitters.  At the hunter's request we will transport your carcass to the local meat processor.  All processing, taxidermy and shipping charges are the responsibility of the hunter.  All hunts will be run on a harvest or wound basis. The wounding of any animal shall result in the completion of the hunt for that species.

The Slater and Elkhead/Northfork camps are equipped with facilities that provide hot running water, electricity, beds and most modern conveniences.  The Pilot Knob cam is more of a wilderness experience, PLEASE SEE SIDEBAR FOR PICTURES OF THIS SCENIC LOCATION and the camp.  Our cooks prepare and serve meals daily.  These are some of the finest western meals available.  We feel that after a day of hunting a fine meal adds to the experience of any hunting trip.  The only equipment, you the hunter, must provide is your rifle, ammunition, sleeping bag and clothing.

Snake River Outfitters feels fortunate to manage such productive ranches.  We strive to provide our clients with a successful, enjoyable hunt that you will always remember.



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