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"Rippy's" or Northfork is known for its comfort and hunting. This portion of the ranch consists of 37,000 acres. Much of it borders the Routt National Forest, and the number of elk found here is beyond one's imagination. We have operated this ranch for nearly 20 years, and we have never had a year when harvest dips below 90%.


The new lodge, known as "Rippy's" consists of 8 private cabins that each offer a queen and twin bed, and a private bathroom. 
The cabins are just a few steps away from the main dining hall and gathering area. This camp offers all the modern amenities such as WiFi and DirecTV. 
This ranch manages a major migration path; Meaning every elk in this basin migrates directly through the center of this ranch. It is not uncommon during this migration to see several herds of 500+ during the months of October and November.

Even though this ranch is famous for its migrating elk herd, it also manages some very productive habitat during the bugle hunts of September. We normally book groups of 4 to 6 during the September time frame and groups of 6-10 for the October/November migration hunts.

This ranch has the ability to provide any type of hunter an excellent opportunity for a harvest. It has a well established road system that can get hunters in close proximity to the wildlife. Other areas will require some physical exertion This ranch can offer any type of hunting a person desires.


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