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Slater Creek

Slater Creek has been the mainstay of our operation for over 30 years. This portion our operation consists of 42,000 acres. As the old saying goes: "If walls could talk...". The stories of elk, mule deer and antelope would keep a person listening for years!

The lodging consists of an older style 2 story ranch house. The main floor consists of a kitchen, dining area, living room, and 2 private bedrooms that sleep 2 guests, as well as one full bathroom. The upstairs loft sleeps up to 4 guests. The house is equipped with DirecTV and Wi-Fi. In addition to the main house there are also 4 cabins with private bathrooms that sleep 2 guests each. Buffet style dinner is served in a separate pavilion featuring a flat screen TV, bar area, and a woodburning stove. 

Due to this ranch's sheer size of managed habitat, we can accommodate virtually every type of hunter here. The ranch has a vast series of roads, so there are several areas where we can get hunters close to wildlife without much physical exertion.
However, within the 42,000 acres there is a tremendous amount of habitat that requires physical exertion.

Both styles of hunting are very productive. If a person is worried about their physical abilities, this ranch has proven itself to provide an excellent opportunity to harvest the species of your choice.

Slater Creek, which runs right through the property, provides an excellent opportunity for some trout fishing during down time. There are also private ponds and several miles of fishing on the Little Snake River that are available to hunters after tags have been filled, weather and time permitting.

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