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Hunter Information

Hunting License Information:



  • You must meet hunter education requirements to purchase or apply for a big game license or preference point. ANYONE BORN AFTER JANUARY 1, 1949 MUST HAVE COMPLETED AN APPROVED HUNTER EDUCATION COURSE OR BOWHUNTER EDUCATION COURSE (FOR ARCHERY LICENSES ONLY), SANCTIONED BY A STATE OR PROVINCE BEFORE APPLYING FOR OR PURCHASING A LICENSE. Colorado honors hunter education courses from other states and provinces. An original hunter safety card must be presented when buying a license over the counter at a license agency. You also must carry your hunter education card when hunting, unless the words "Proof of Hunter Education Verified" were printed by the DOW on your CC or a "V" is printed on your license. Out-of-state hunters are encouraged to bring their hunter education card with them when coming to Colorado to hunt.

  • You must have a license to hunt. Use your home mailing address in buying or applying for a license; business addresses are illegal.

  • You must carry your license while hunting.

  • You can hunt only the animal and season specified on your license.

  • It is illegal to give false information to obtain a license. It is also illegal to loan, transfer, sell or give your license to someone or to alter your license.

  • It is illegal to sign or tear off the carcass tag before a kill.

  • If a license is lost or destroyed, a duplicate is available before opening day from a license agent for 1/2 the license fee, up to $25.00.  After the season opens, duplicates are available at DOW offices ONLY.

  • Licenses expire at the end of the season printed on the license.

  • Youth must be at least 12 years old and meet hunter education requirements to hunt deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear and moose.

Equipment List:

Snake River Outfitters is a full service operation. We provide all linens, bedding, and meals. 

However, we recommend that the hunter bring the following items:

  • A gun that is properly sighted in within two weeks of the hunt dates, with the same ammunition that you plan to use during the hunt. We recommend Winchester's XP3 bullets.  We have access to a gun range, and will utilize the afternoon of your arrival to sight in your rifle. Please plan for this and bring the appropriate amount of ammunition. 

  • Binoculars. The best set you can afford or borrow. 

  • Field knife

  • Shooting sticks that you are comfortable using. 

  • Scope covers.

  • Extra bullets.

  • Flashlight.

  • Camera (optional)

Clothing and equipment recommendations:

  • 2 pair of "broke in" hunting boots.

  • Both light and heavy socks.

  • Long Johns or warm under clothing.

  • Quiet pants. Wool or new synthetic are both good.

  • Camo coat.

  • Orange vest and hat (required by the state for firearm hunters).

  • Several sweat shirts with hoods.

  • Warm gloves.

  • Personal items such as soap, shampoo, tooth paste, etc.

Something to store items in while in the field that is light and convenient to carry. (I use a Turkey vest with large pockets.) It is important that whatever it is you can shoot with it on.


10% to 20% of the cost of the hunt is standard gratuity procedure. 

We have established a "Tip Pool" to help simplify this. A minimum of $400 is required per hunter to be added to the tip pool. This will be divided equally amongst the staff. The remaining percentage may be designated to staff members at your discretion. 


It is understood that any monies paid in addition to the $400 for the tip pool is strictly voluntary and at the hunter's discretion.

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